Monday, July 28, 2008

Database Versions

As DBAs, these days we get databases of different types. Say, databases that have been created with the current version or databases that belong to old applications that have gone through a few upgradations (from 7 to 2000 to 2005 etc). The question is how can we find out what was the original version of SQL Server when the database was created. There is an undocumented command to find this out - DBCC DBINFO. You can see two entries in the output - dbi_version and dbi_createversion. The value for dbi_version denotes the current version of the database while dbi_createversion denotes the version of SQL Server when the database was originally created. A value of 515 stands for SQL Server 7.0, A value of 539 stands for SQL Server 2000, a value of 611 stands for SQL Server 2005 and a value of 612 stands for SQL Server 2005 with vardecimal option enabled. For more information on DBCC DBINFO command, see Paul's post at

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